Five Questions for Mercury Fund Co-Founder Blair Garrou

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Five Questions for Mercury Fund Co-Founder Blair Garrou, was published in Xconomy and was written by Angela Shah. Blair Garrou, Partner at Mercury Fund, talks with Angela Shah about Houston. Blair Garrou is the kind of guy who prefers juggling a lot of balls at once. When oil prices cratered …

Don’t Forget the Fly-Over States

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Don’t Forget the Fly-Over States, was published in Entrepreneur and was written by Jeff Harbach. Aziz Gilani, Partner at Mercury Fund, shares his insight into the vast opportunities for founders if they locate near Midwestern hubs. A big trend we are seeing in the venture capital world is that investors …

Mercury Fund Wants to Drive Entrepreneurial Growth

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Houston Skyline
This interview was originally featured in the Houston Business Journal One of Mercury Fund’s Managing Partners, Blair Garrou, sat down with Houston Business Journal to discuss challenges facing the venture capital industry and the Houston startup ecosystem. Photo: Jackson Myers What’s one part of your job that people don’t know …