How To Raise Venture Capital In A Down Market

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Fundraising in Down Turn
How to Raise Venture Capital In A Down Market, by Tom Taulli, was originally published on Mercury Fund Partner, Blair Garrou, shares what entrepreneurs can do to make their startup a more investable business as fundraising becomes more challenging. For entrepreneurs, it’s likely to get much tougher to raise …

Why We Invested in Benson Hill Biosystems

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Benson Hill Biosystems
Benson Hill Biosystems improves photosynthesis Mercury Fund recently invested in the $7.3 million Series A financing of Benson Hill Biosystems. The company is a St. Louis and Research Triangle Park-based agriculture biology startup. Using a unique computational biology platform (PSKbase) and novel experimental platforms for high efficiency translation into model …

How Early Exit Disease Stunts The Growth Of Midwest Startup Communities

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Early Exit Disease in Midwest Startup Communities
This article was originally published on TechCrunch Adrian Fortino leads Mercury Fund’s Midwest office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Based on his years of experience as a both entrepreneur and investor, Adrian shares his analysis of one of the factors that Mercury believes is holding back startup communities in the middle…

Q&A with Mercury Fund’s Blair Garrou on VC funding in “the Middle”

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Real estate startup Apto opens office in Denver
This article was originally featured on Silicon Prairie News and was written by Ryan Pendell. Ryan Pendell interviewed Blair about investing in the Midwest, how startups can attract interest from VCs, navigating the Series A crunch, and trends to watch. Apto, a Mercury Fund portfolio company, opened a second office …

Why we invested in LISNR

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In July 2014, Mercury made its initial investment in LISNR, the leading provider of ultrasonic beacon technology.  Have you heard of Rodney Williams?  If not, you eventually will.  Rodney is the energizing founder and force behind LISNR.  Rodney started his career at P&G, working for the Pampers brand.  During his …