Mercury Adds Network Partner to the Team

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Mercury Fund is excited to welcome Heath Butler, Network Partner, to our team! Learn more below about Heath, his deep experience in the Houston startup ecosystem, and why we are so excited to have him on board. 1. You have a lot of experience mentoring, advising, and investing in startup …

Why We Invested in PactSafe

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In spite of the proliferation of light technology automation tools that cost effectively serve businesses of all sizes, the SMB market still significantly lags larger enterprises in technology adoption. Recognizing this dynamic in the SMB market, Mercury Fund is building an emerging investment theme that focuses on technologies that address …

To Jump-Start Corporation Innovation, Choose The Startup Next Door

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To Jump-Start Corporation Innovation, Choose The Startup Next Door, was published in Innovation Enterprise and was written by Adrian Fortino. Adrian Fortino, Partner at Mercury Fund, shares insights into corporate innovation through Midcontinent startups. The engineers’ ‘eye,’ unparalleled capital efficiency, or a glut of top-tier technology grads might all be …

BusinessMakers Radio with Blair Garrou

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Mercury Fund is a Houston and Ann Arbor-based venture fund that invests in early-stage startups throughout the Midcontinent. Our unique positioning is built on the belief that entrepreneurship is not a coastal pursuit — innovation happens everywhere. When Mercury was founded in 2005, our focus was on Texas and the …

Why We Invested in Ambyint

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Following one of the largest oil crashes in modern history, developers, operators, and producers cut costs and halted investments in the volatile industry. In many ways, lower commodity prices jump started the digital transformation of the energy industry. Numerous energy firms were forced to begin leveraging technology and asset data …

Why We Invested in Deepfield

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We are excited to announce that Mercury Fund portfolio company Deepfield Networks has been acquired by Nokia! Mercury led a seed investment in Deepfield (co-led with Ann Arbor-based RPM Ventures) in September 2011. This was followed by Mercury participating in Deepfield’s Series A investment, led by Cisco Systems, in April …

Don’t Forget the Fly-Over States

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Don’t Forget the Fly-Over States, was published in Entrepreneur and was written by Jeff Harbach. Aziz Gilani, Partner at Mercury Fund, shares his insight into the vast opportunities for founders if they locate near Midwestern hubs. A big trend we are seeing in the venture capital world is that investors …