Mercury Fund  is an early-stage venture capital firm.  With over $200 million under management, Mercury invests in compelling and novel software and science-based startup opportunities, focusing on technology innovation originating in the U.S. Midcontinent.  Since inception in 2005, Mercury has become one of the most active venture firms in the middle of the U.S., becoming a “go-to” fund for entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of idea generation, company formation, and market execution.




Our firm has a particular interest in entrepreneurs associated with regional startup development organizations, such as seed accelerators, incubators and university tech transfer offices.

Stage & Size

Mercury invests between $50,000 to $500,000 in a seed round, or $1 million to $2 million in larger Series A opportunities.  Mercury expects to invest between $4 million and $5 million over the life of a company.

Lead Investor

Mercury is almost always a lead or co-lead investor.  We work well with angel networks, regional funding organizations and other venture investors, but can also make an independent decision and catalyze a company's first institutional investment round.



Mercury invests in entrepreneurs and/or innovation that originate in the U.S. Midcontinent (Southwest, Midwest and Rocky Mountains).  We will also consider investments in other under-ventured regions of the U.S. that are consistent with our current investment themes.

Regional Strengths

Mercury actively seeks out entrepreneurs that are building their business around a strong regional technology and industrial ecosystem.  If this ecosystem doesn't exist, we will work with entrepreneurs to help open secondary offices in regions with less barriers to securing talent, financing, and business scalability.


Mercury has created a global network of contacts through our strategic relationships and our partner's collective 80 years of venture investing.  Our goal is to combine a startup's regional strengths with global resources to enable an entrepreneur to build the best startup within a sector, not just the best startup within a region.



Mercury invests in software startups bringing enterprise B2B and B2B2C applications and platforms to market, with a focus on innovation within SaaS, Cloud, and Mobile technologies.  Given the ease and relatively low cost of starting software companies, we seek out entrepreneurs who have the ability and resourcefulness to get a beta product to market and begin demonstrating early market validation.



Mercury is interested in a wide range of life sciences and industrial physical sciences, from therapeutic drugs to ways to increase natural resource efficiency (in both traditional energy and clean energy sectors).  We have had significant success in commercializing research technologies from the earliest stages, and often begin working with founding scientists and engineers before a company is formed.


Blair Garrou Discusses Funding in Midwest
Blair Garrou
Adrian Fortino, Mercury Fund Partner
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