Mercury is the premier early-stage venture firm in Middle America. With over $500 million under management and $8 billion of value creation since inception, Mercury targets thematic software investments in SaaS, cloud, and marketplace platforms enabling the digital transformation of markets, industries, and customer relationships. Mercury partners with first-time entrepreneurs who require support and guidance, as well as seasoned founders seeking to leverage the assets and talent unique to Middle America.

Mercury has always valued the underrepresented entrepreneur. In the mid-2000’s, the supply-demand imbalance of capital in Middle America defined underrepresented as all entrepreneurs in the middle of the country. Over time, the definition of underrepresented has evolved. Today, Mercury continues to seek out the underrepresented but has opened our aperture to target a far broader, richer definition that includes region, demographic, gender, ethnicity, customer journey, and/or market opportunity. Mercury’s purpose-built approach to capitalizing on this opportunity yields exceptional outcomes and sets the benchmark for venture investing in Middle America.




Mercury seeks out entrepreneurs who have demonstrated product-market fit and are ready to scale their software startup.


Mercury looks to invest between $1 million and $4 million in Seed extension and Series A financings. Mercury expects to invest between $7 million and $10 million over the life of our portfolio companies. Mercury will also consider initial seed investments as small as $250,000 for startups with a strong thematic fit.


Mercury expects to lead or co-lead each investment. We also look to collaborate with other early-stage investors who can provide value-add on a deal-by-deal basis but will also make independent decisions and catalyze and syndicate a company’s first institutional investment round.



Mercury looks to invest in entrepreneurs with a Middle American presence or seeking to leverage Middle American resources. Middle America is defined by Mercury as Texas and the Southwest, the Rockies, the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Southeast.


Our firm has particular interest in entrepreneurs that are building their business around a strong regional technology and/or industrial ecosystem. If this ecosystem doesn't exist, we work with entrepreneurs to help open secondary offices in regions with fewer barriers to securing talent, financing, and business scalability.


Over the past 20 years, Mercury’s partners helped launch numerous startup development organizations (SDOs) throughout the middle of the country. During this time, we've built an unparalleled network of SDOs, service providers, co-investors, and corporate innovation partners to assist entrepreneurs with the resources they need to rapidly scale their businesses. We have spent our professional careers advising, mentoring, and investing in Mid-American entrepreneurs, with our network being one of our most valuable assets.


Mercury’s investment themes mirror the disruptive innovation driven by technological advancements overlaid on a COVID world. Mercury’s current investment themes include:  


Talent screening, aggregation, sourcing, and enablement, for the emerging flex and gig economy


Digital transformation of energy, manufacturing, supply chains, and logistics industries, super-charged by a COVID world and the Biden Administration


Frictionless, digital product journeys transforming customer experiences


Enterprise tools for tracking, capturing, integrating, proving, and securing data


Broadening access to capital, knowledge, and opportunity through fintech, blockchains, and data

Data Science

Mercury Data Science

MDS (Mercury Data Science) is a consulting firm offering tailored solutions for complex data problems. MDS' team of PhD trained scientists and AI specialists enable startups to harness the latest techniques in data science and machine learning to rapidly grow their businesses. MDS was launched in partnership with Mercury Fund, enabling Mercury’s portfolio companies to utilize fractional data science resources to experiment, iterate, and go-to market faster.


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