With over $300 million under management, and over $6.5 billion of value creation since inception, Mercury focuses on entrepreneurs and software innovation originating in Middle America. Our investment themes target SaaS, Cloud, and Data/AI platforms that make the markets and industries of Middle America more competitive and efficient.




Mercury seeks out entrepreneurs who have demonstrated product-market fit and are ready to scale their software business.


Mercury looks to invest between $1 million and $3 million in Series A or "seed extension" financings. We will also consider initial seed investments as small as $250,000 for startups with a strong thematic fit. Mercury expects to invest between $6 million and $8 million over the life of our portfolio companies.


Mercury is almost always a lead or co-lead investor.  We work well with other venture investors, seed-stage VCs, angel networks, and regional investment organizations, but can also make an independent decision and catalyze a company's first institutional investment round.



Mercury invests in entrepreneurs and/or innovation that originates in the U.S. Midcontinent, defined by us as the Southwest, Midwest and Rocky Mountains regions.


Our firm has particular interest in entrepreneurs that are building their business around a strong regional technology and/or industrial ecosystem. If this ecosystem doesn't exist, we work with entrepreneurs to help open secondary offices in regions with fewer barriers to securing talent, financing and business scalability.


Over the past 20 years, Mercury’s partners helped launch numerous startup development organizations (SDOs) throughout the middle of the country. During this time, we've built an unparalleled network of SDOs, service providers, co-investors, and corporate innovation partners to assist entrepreneurs with the resources they need to rapidly scale their businesses. We have spent our professional careers advising, mentoring, and investing in Mid-American entrepreneurs, with our network being one of our most valuable assets.


Industry Cloud Companies

Our “Industry Cloud Companies” investment theme focuses on the verticalization of SaaS, specifically in the industrial ecosystems of the middle of the U.S.  Industry cloud companies “go deep,” focusing on a vertical industry. When reviewing potential industry cloud company investments, Mercury looks for a co-founder with extensive experience in their targeted industry vertical. We also need to understand the potential for the SaaS startup to capture proprietary customer data – with the intent of delivering more value-added products and driving meaningful insights for their customers.

Improved Consumer Targeting

Our “Improved Consumer Targeting” investment theme focuses on data-intensive retail and CPG brand platforms to improve consumer targeting and engagement. These platforms may be vertical or horizontal in nature and typically involve proprietary data sets (much like industry cloud companies). First-party data is obtained through SaaS enterprise workflow or content publishing tools, and kept in enterprise-friendly data lakes. Semantical taxonomies, meta-data, and open API infrastructures are added, creating a true big data stack. This asset then serves as the basis for consumer demographic and behavioral-focused machine learning, which provide deep insights to retailers and CPG brands.

Next-Gen Enterprise

Our “Next-Gen Enterprise” investment theme focuses on the convergence of big data, DevOps and open source within the enterprise. Corporations have a deep need for software and computing tools to help them ingest, rationalize, and protect the massive flow of data from devices, customer applications, servers, firewalls, and thousands of other sources – many of which are introduced daily. These Corporations also have increasingly complex needs to keep their web, app and database architectures up-to-date and compliant. Open source platforms and Big Data analytics tools are no longer a skunkworks project – they are a business necessity, and most enterprises don’t have the personnel to manage these projects internally.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Our “Intelligent Manufacturing” theme focuses on the emerging Industrial Internet, which we see as the convergence of enterprise cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This convergence will allow enterprise manufacturing data lakes to be formed and combined with machine learning to create intelligent industrial environments that diagnose and repair most of their own problems. This convergence will also provide an improved level of automation and flexibility, enabling manufacturing facilities to deliver higher-quality and cheaper products than ever before. Mercury believes the next generation of manufacturing leaders are those that learn to embrace and leverage the Industrial Internet as a core differentiator, and march us into the next industrial revolution.

Cloud Biology

Our “Cloud Biology” investment theme focuses on startups utilizing software, cloud computing, and/or machine learning to drive the next wave of scientific advancement.  These computational platforms need to provide an order of magnitude improvement in cost, speed or computational ability over legacy methods. Areas of interest in Cloud Biology include healthcare, agriculture, and other industrial markets.

Data Science

Mercury Data Science

MDS (Mercury Data Science) is a consulting firm offering tailored solutions for complex data problems. MDS' team of Ph.D. trained scientists and AI specialists enable startups to harness the latest techniques in data science and machine learning to rapidly grow their businesses. MDS was launched in partnership with Mercury Fund, enabling Mercury’s portfolio companies to utilize “fractional” data science resources to experiment, iterate, and go-to market faster.


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