Posted on July 2016 | Aziz Gilani

7 Ways to Build Security into your Mobile App Dev Lifecycle

7 ways to build security into your mobile app dev lifecycle, was published in TechBeacon and was written by Will Kelly.

Aziz Gilani, Partner at Mercury Fund, shares his insight into the importance of incorporating app security in the earliest stages of the app development lifecycle.

Mobile app security doesn’t start when you deploy your shiny new mobile app to users. Rather, mobile app security needs to become part of user stories and be part of mobile app development from the date of project kick-off. “We need to teach developers to think about mobile app security up front, and not as an afterthought,” advises Zubin Irani, founder and CEO of cPrime, an agile transformation consultancy.

A fractured mobile marketplace combined with rising threats such as malware can make it harder on mobile app developers to develop secure apps, according to John Britton, director of security for VMware.

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