Posted on December 2017 | Blair Garrou

BusinessMakers Radio with Blair Garrou

Mercury Fund is a Houston and Ann Arbor-based venture fund that invests in early-stage startups throughout the Midcontinent. Our unique positioning is built on the belief that entrepreneurship is not a coastal pursuit — innovation happens everywhere. When Mercury was founded in 2005, our focus was on Texas and the Southwest. But within the first few years of our fund’s launch, we saw an even larger opportunity throughout the Midwest, in Rust Belt cities like Detroit, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee, where corporations were thinking through ways to become more innovative and entrepreneurs were creating technologies to meet these unique enterprise needs. Over time, Mercury focused its venture investment model on entrepreneurs and innovation that make the industrial ecosystems of the middle of the country more competitive and efficient.

Watch Blair Garrou and Russ Capper discuss the entrepreneurial ecosystems that are taking flight in the Midcontinent and why Mercury Fund is excited to be on board.

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