Posted on January 2018 | Aziz Gilani

Can Next-Gen SIEM Solve UEBA’s Catch-22?

Can Next-Gen SIEM Solve UEBA’s Catch-22? was published in isBuzzNews and was written by Aziz Gilani.

Aziz Gilani, Managing Director at Mercury Fund, gives his insights into UEBA systems.

In corporate cybersecurity, UEBA (user and entity behavior analytics) systems are starting to look more like a stray bullet than a magic bullet.

Glowing endorsements marked the rise of UEBA tools, which analyze users’ actions and network activity to detect cyberthreats. “Over the next three years, leading UEBA platforms will become preferred systems for security operations and investigations at some of the organizations they serve,” Gartner and industry analyst Avivah Litan proclaimed in 2015.

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