Posted on August 2015 | Aziz Gilani

Data And Analytics Strategies: What Investors Think

This article was originally featured on InformationWeek and written by Lisa Morgan

Mercury’s Aziz Gilani was interviewed by Lisa Morgan for an article on data and analytics strategies for business planning.

Whether raising a round of funding or creating shareholder wealth, companies increasingly need a well-articulated and demonstrable data and analytics strategy. Here are some things that can sway an investor’s opinion, for good or bad.

Data and analytics strategies are no longer merely nice-to-have. They’re becoming mandatory because data and analytics are changing the competitive landscape in every industry. Some Wall Street analysts and venture capitalists are keenly tuned into the top-line and bottom-line differences the use of data can make. If you’re presenting to one of these firms in hopes of getting funded or maximizing shareholder wealth, you’d better be prepared to answer some very smart questions, and be able to back up what you say.

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