Posted on March 2017

SaaS CXO Summit: Day 1

Today concludes the first day of the 2nd Annual CXO Summit in Austin, TX. Below is a recap of the sessions. Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

Keeping Culture as you Scale

David Blake – CEO, Degreed

“No employee is more important than our mission. No client is more important than our mission.”

This is the hierarchy of culture according to David Blake, CEO of Degreed. Where does your company culture fall within this hierarchy?

Leveling up your PR Machine

Syed Hoda – CMO, Sight Machine

“When you start in a marketing role, you may be pressured by Sales and the CEO to do stuff. Don’t just start doing stuff!”

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Product Needs

Matt Allison – Chief Strategy Officer, TrendKite

“It’s important to distinguish between what your customers have to have and what they say they have to have.”

Raising Series B & C

Bill Adler – CEO, True Fit
Paul Schaut – CEO, Label Insight
Nate Quigley – CEO, Chatbooks

“You have to find an investor who has the right fit and passion to take your deal to their board. Their thesis and passion have to overlap.”

SaaS Instrumentation

Ryan Koonce – CEO, Mammoth Growth

“We advocate not doing anything you can’t measure.”

Sales Strategy for SaaS

Kevin Kearns – CRO, 4C Insights

“Do one thing at a time. Do it really well. And, don’t stop – be consistent.”

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