Posted on July 2015 | Adrian Fortino

The Next Industrial Revolution Should Happen in America

This article was originally featured on TechCrunch

The ‘Industrial Internet’ is poised to overhaul the way companies manufacture goods, in turn changing our everyday interactions with products.

Imagine yourself five years from now, sitting around a picnic table with a group of friends. One of them just landed a coveted manufacturing gig right after getting her master’s degree, and is now pulling in $200,000 a year. Another is complaining that the new $8,000 Ford Fusion he custom-designed online wasn’t delivered within the promised three-day window. He was stuck taking the driverless bus around town.

Brave new world? Not really.

Whether those products are made in China or Chicago depends on how quickly U.S. manufacturers embrace the industrial Internet and the startup innovations behind it. The U.S. is on the brink of a new golden age of manufacturing — if we realize the potential in our backyard, and act quickly to build on it.

The next industrial revolution wants to be homegrown. Will the U.S. manufacturing industry take advantage?

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