Posted on December 2016

Midcontinent Venture Capital – Growing in Leaps and Bounds

Midcontinent Venture Capital – Growing in Leaps and Bounds, was published in Kauffman Fellows Report and was written by Aziz Gilani and LK Pryzant.

Aziz Gilani and LK Pryzant, members of the Mercury Fund team, share insight into venture capital activity in the middle of the country.

In my original KFR article in 2012,1 I argued that venture capital in the midcontinental United States was poised for growth—a prediction that has been well supported over the past four years2 (figure 1). Not only have Midcontinent pioneers Texas, Illinois, and Colorado enjoyed sustained growth in their innovation ecosystems, but two new states are quickly ascending the ranks. Ohio and Michigan—regions with a rust-belt heritage—have rallied to a refreshing start.

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